The Sun Will Rise | Allan Kehler

The sunrise has always played a pivotal role in my life.

On too many nights, I wondered whether or not I would make it to the morning.

I used to always say, “One day I am not going to have to fight so hard.”

Today, I stopped, and took the time to recognize that my wish has become my reality.

The sunrise always represented my hope. But, as we all know, hope is not enough. Hope requires action.

The following three steps allowed me to crawl my way through the darkness.

  1. I stopped deflecting and gave myself permission to feel.
  2. I lowered my walls and let people in.
  3. I started talking about my pain.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my greatest pain would evolve into my greatest purpose.

Even in the darkest of nights the sun will rise.

Keep fighting my friends, and keep talking.

Your voice matters.

“What’s stronger than a broken man who has the courage to rebuild himself? It’s time to redefine what it means to be strong.”

- Allan Kehler