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"I first hired Allan to speak at our Safety Seminar in 2014. Since then, we have brought him back several times to share his message of mental health, safety, and resilience. Allan is repeatedly rated by delegates as one of their favorite speakers, and as an event planner I will never hesitate to bring him back! I am certain that Allan’s work has saved many lives, and that his continued leadership will save countless more."
- Ryan Jacobson, CEO, Saskatchewan Safety Council
"Allan highlighted the critical issue of mental health in the mining industry, urging us to redefine what it means to be strong. His practical insights, such as identifying barriers to seeking help and providing guidance on how to support those in distress, left a lasting impact. His talk served as a powerful reminder that our voices and resilience are our greatest assets in promoting mental well-being and ensuring a healthier, safer future."
- Redpath Mining Team, HSE, Americas, Chris Betsill, Jamie Creswell, Alanah Cote
"Despite not being Indigenous, Allan is an amazing Ally, and really understands the issues surrounding mental health and addictions for our community members. His personal and touching story to the audience (who were primarily Indigenous front line mental health providers) was really eye-opening and grounding to the audience. I really enjoyed working with Allan, from the time I first contacted him until long after the conference, and he will definitely be on our list of speakers for future events."
- Shelley Frances, Executive Director, Mawlugutineg Mental Wellness Team
"I have had the pleasure of working with Allan twice with BASF, and have been blown away by his ability to connect with our audience. Even in a virtual setting, Allan puts people at ease sharing candidly about his personal experiences with mental health. We saw employees engaging and sharing their own stories during Allan's session. Allan is professional and knowledgeable and yet manages to make you feel like you are listening to a friend. He offers practical tips and advice but most importantly he creates a safe space to continue the conversation about mental health. Our participants left the keynote asking us when there would be a part 2 - I highly recommend working with Allan."
- Laura Wiebe, Research Coordinator, BASF
"Allan was the keynote speaker at our 2023 AGM to raise awareness about mental health. He also provided us with an incredible workshop that offered tools to build resilience. Allan’s ability to share his journey of recovery with such openness is very moving. In particular, his skill as an educator in creating teachable moments from his own lived experience was extraordinary. Allan is truly helping to change the culture of safety and mental health in the construction industry."
- MJ MacDonald, CEO, Construction Safety Nova Scotia (CSNS)
"Allan’s keynote was both powerful and timely for our 2023 mining safety conference. His personal insights into mental health resonated deeply with the delegates and were met with a standing ovation. In addition, Allan took the time to meet with individuals while listening to their own stories and concerns. His level of engagement and care was truly remarkable. Allan was the highlight of our event, and his engaging presentation style makes him an ideal choice for any audience."
- Mike Parent, Vice-President, Workplace Safety North (WSP)
"Allan captivated our employees at BC Hydro with his powerful, authentic, and thought-provoking message. Several employees shared that they had just attended the best one-hour session on mental health in their life. Every person should be required to learn from Allan. So, if you get a chance to bring him into your organization or conference, do it before someone else does!"
- Jeff Enns, Area Manager, Bridge/Coastal, BC Hydro
"Allan delivered his keynote ‘MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk’ at our construction event. Everyone was engaged during the talk, and it was a difference-maker for the people who attended. Allan talked with anyone who approached him, and he did an excellent job with local media. I feel that Allan greatly helped the SCSA to build a business culture of safety and mental wellness. I would highly him as a speaker!"
- Ed Pyle, Vice President, Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA)
"Agents are still raving about Allan's keynote. He took the time to research our company, adapt his speech to our industry, and was a true professional. Allan’s delivery and genuine approach made the discussion of mental health applicable, and he made a difference in our Agent's lives and their business."
- Heidi Paranych, CEO, RE/MAX ELITE
“Allan Kehler is an inspiration to us all. His honest, heartfelt, emotional and inspirational delivery should be heard by all. I feel lucky to have been able to be part of the 700+ attendees taking part. I laughed and I cried and felt so much better for it. Allan certainly puts everything into perspective.”
- Stephen McRory, Associate Director Funding & Liquidity Management, Scotiabank, Ireland
“Allan captivated nearly 1,000 of our employees and yet again his passion, energy, and personal story left all of us motivated to create spaces for conversations about mental health. Whether you are able to see him live and in person, or virtual, Allan brings it each time. Truly one of the best when it comes to authentic talks on mental health!”
- Jeremy Ring, Former Senior Manager, Nutrien
"Allan candidly and courageously shared his journey and struggles, while enabling us to reflect on mental health in our lives. His messages were salient and provoked meaningful conversations aimed at helping reduce stigma and recognizing the need to do more to support people with mental disorders. What’s more – people understood they were not alone in grappling with the issues, whether personal or in their professional lives. It was both inspirational and educational."
- Philip Mondor, President and CEO, Tourism HR Canada
“As a conference designer for close to 30 years, Allan is among the most memorable because his talks have an impact. He exhibits qualities that make for a great experience: He speaks from the heart, he is a great storyteller, and he has an important message that everyone should hear. In short, Allan cares and it shows.”
- John Brewer, Former Executive Program Developer
“If you are looking for a speaker with integrity, emotional intelligence and someone who connects with your audience, Allan is your guy! He comes across to his audience with such genuine heartfelt sharing that it draws a person to be an active listener. If you are a supervisor, front line worker, parent or friend, there is a takeaway message. There are times for laughter, emotional self-reflection, and above all, hope for improvement as a team or as an individual.”
- Sandra Cripps, Chief Executive Officer, SASWH
"Allan has presented many times in our school division, and I feel empowered and enlightened every time I hear him speak. He delivers his message from the heart, and with energy and wit. He will make you laugh. He will make you cry. Best of all, he will make you think about how to live and be better. Allan has made a deep impact and connection with us, and we consider him one of our good friends."
- Terry Jordens, Superintendent of Student Services & Assessment, Holy Family RCSSD #140
“Allan brings a powerful message of hope, empathy, and inspiration for teachers faced with the challenge and uncertainty about how to approach and assist students. Allan speaks with emotion, commitment, experience, and without reservation. It is his mission and hope that teachers discover ways to use his personal experience to ensure that no student feels the need to hide in silence.”
- Walley Porter, Past President, North Central Teachers’ Convention Association
“Allan’s superior knowledge and compassionate nature makes him a valuable addition to any educational component. Allan has delivered numerous keynotes at our regional conferences, and his breakout workshops are always standing room only! Allan’s ability to read an audience is exemplary, and his evaluations are always excellent. I would highly recommend Allan as a speaker!”
- Sandi Buscarini, Program Lead, Events Programming & Delivery, WSPS
“Allan was an exceptional keynote speaker – he was both motivational and inspirational. He offered a balance of technical information, personal experience and interaction with the audience. I highly recommend Allan for any group wishing to explore themes of mental health and wellness.”
- Rick Hoffman, Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer, Farm Credit Canada

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