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MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk

When it comes to mental health, too many men are suffering in silence. MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk tells the true stories of prairie men – including Chris Beaudry, former assistant coach of the Humboldt Broncos – who have persevered through various mental health challenges.Together, they put a voice to topics including masculinity, mental illness, addiction, sexual abuse, and suicide. These men speak out in raw honesty because they understand that the conversation doesn’t start until someone starts talking.


Born Resilient: True Stories of Life’s Greatest Challenges

Why is it that some individuals give up in the face of a challenge while others are able to rise above?

While it is easier to give up, it is through your challenges that you can grow. These courageous, real-life stories are true examples of loss, pain, and devastation. It will become evident that we are not created to give up in the face of adversity, we are born resilient.

Goodbye Stress. Hello Life!

We live in a fast-paced society with a seemingly endless list of demands. Life naturally brings its share of challenges and stress. The key is to move forward so that it doesn’t impact other areas of your life. It has been said that the greatest challenge in life is discovering who we are. The next test is being happy with what we find.

Drawing from personal and professional experiences, Allan inspires you to persevere through your personal challenges rather than avoid them. He empowers you to take an honest look at what lies beneath your stressors and provides the tools to heal through a holistic approach. You will be inspired to stop existing and start living for you. You will be empowered to take back control and create a life of peace and happiness no matter what surrounds you. This is YOUR journey.

Stepping Out From the Shadows: A Guide to Understanding & Healing From Addictions

Do you currently know a loved one who is struggling with addictions, self-injurious behaviours, or thoughts of suicide? Are you experiencing a loss of control around your own substance use? Do you find yourself feeling lost or helpless about the situation?

Education is the greatest tool for assisting you in your time of need. Whether you are dealing with addictions personally or are observing a loved one struggle with them, this book will guide you. You will learn the tools that will allow you to take your power back and regain control over your own life.

Born Resilient Clothing Line

Born Resilient was created by Allan and his beautiful wife, Tanya, out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Their mission is to empower people to persevere through their challenges and find their inner strength.

They are passionate about mental health and promoting wellness. It is their hope that individuals who wear the Born Resilient brand will find inspiration within the messaging to be reminded of their own resiliency.

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“Our bodies can be battered and violated, but at no time can the soul ever be damaged. The soul will always remain pure.”

– Allan Kehler