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How to create a memorable event and inspire change

All topics can be delivered as Keynotes, Workshops or Breakout Sessions, in-person or online. Contact Allan to arrange what will best work for your event.

Allan provides keynotes and interactive workshops ranging from intimate group settings to packed auditoriums. He speaks on a variety of topics including resilience, stress, and mental health.

Allan works with organizations that are looking to create a culture of connection where individuals feel heard, seen, and supported. He encourages people to slow down, reflect, and regain control of their life.

Below are examples of his signature talks.

Mental Health: Finding Your Voice

How to stop suffering in silence and create an attitude of resilience

When it comes to mental health, there are countless barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help. This includes everything from the fear of judgement, or failure to being perceived as lesser than others or weak.

Because of these barriers, people often believe that silence is the safer option. This, in turn, causes individuals to sacrifice their happiness, health, and future success.

Silence has never been the answer. Understanding the power of your voice is the first step in finding true freedom. The freedom to self-express and the freedom to be.

Having experienced these challenges first-hand, Allan shares his captivating story of resilience and hope. Through his message, your audience will learn how to share their own story, step into their vulnerability, and connect to themselves and others in a more authentic way. By finding their own voice, they will be able to inspire others to find theirs.

Takeaways from Mental Health: Finding Your Voice:

  • Reflect on one’s mental health through an interactive quiz
  • Identify barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help
  • Review strategies to support someone who appears to be in distress
  • Shatter the stigma and stereotypes associated with mental health
  • Learn the 6 commitments to creating wellness in the workplace

This presentation is for corporations, associations, organizations, community events, and educational facilities.

Get ready to learn how to create a compassionate environment where individuals are seen, heard and supported. Let’s talk!

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Allan’s books associated with this speaking topic:

MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk

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Born Resilient

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MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk

Discover how vulnerability equals strength

The relationship between men and mental health has often been referred to as a silent crisis. In an effort to avoid being perceived as weak or vulnerable, many men have a tendency to bury their emotions deep within.

Based on Allan’s bestselling book MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk, this keynote features men who have persevered through their own mental health challenges. These lived experiences will provide a better understanding of topics relating to: masculinity, mental illness, addiction, sexual abuse, suicide, and ultimately wellness.

Audience members, of all genders, will benefit from this timely message in various ways. Men will be able to relate to other men’s lived experiences, recognize that vulnerability is often met with compassion not judgement, and understand the freedom that comes from reaching out for help. Women will gain a new perspective on this issue and receive the confidence to reach out and connect with the men in their lives.

This keynote is guaranteed to break the silence surrounding men and mental health, and is a powerful reminder that the time to talk is now.

Takeaways from MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk:

  • Identify barriers that prevent men from seeking help
  • Inspire men to embrace vulnerability as their superpower
  • Understand how men react differently to mental health issues than women
  • Redefine what it means to “be a man’’
  • Learn how to better support the men in our lives

This presentation is ideal for those who work in skilled trades, corporations, associations, organizations, and community events.

If you’re looking for your audience to learn how to effectively talk to men about their mental health, let’s talk.

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Allan’s book associated with this speaking topic:

MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk

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Goodbye Stress. Hello Life!

Reclaim your power and start living for YOU

Are you someone who wants to exist? Or someone who wants to live? To exist is easy. You navigate through life on autopilot and rarely step outside of your comfort zone. As a result, you are never able to reach your full potential.

This keynote will empower you to live. Get ready to take a break from our fast-paced society, and slow down to reflect on your own needs.

Drawing from his own experiences, Allan will inspire you to persevere through your personal challenges rather than avoiding or escaping them. You will be encouraged to take an honest look at what lies beneath your stress and be provided with tools to heal through a holistic approach.

Through an interactive quiz, various hands-on activities, and an exciting game of PieFace, you are guaranteed to walk away with an increased understanding of stress and wellness. You will be empowered to take back control and create a life of happiness no matter what surrounds you. The time has come to stop existing and start living for YOU.

Takeaways from Goodbye Stress. Hello Life:

  • Identify the difference between existing and living
  • Explore stress management tools to prevent burnout for both your personal and professional life
  • Rediscover yourself through the Who Am I Wheel exercise
  • Reveal your current state of wellness through a Balance Wheel activity
  • Learn how to focus on what’s in your control and release the rest

This presentation is for corporations, educators, associations, organizations, and community events.

If you’re tired of existing and ready to start living a more fulfilling life, book Allan for this presentation.

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Allan’s book associated with this speaking topic:

Goodbye Stress.  Hello Life.

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Life-changing Mental Health Conversations

How one teacher can change a student’s life in 10 minutes

As a student, it appeared that Allan had everything going for him. He was the president of his school, captain of sports teams, and athlete of the year. However, Allan was silently fighting an internal battle with mental illness.

While attending university, a teacher finally saw beneath Allan’s mask, and changed his entire life through a simple process. Allan shares this powerful approach, and reassures educators that nobody needs to be fixed, but the value of being seen and heard is immeasurable.

In this keynote, the audience will become the student by participating in an interactive quiz.  Participants will gain an increased understanding of topics including mental illness, self-harm, suicide, substance abuse, and wellness.

As educators, we know that a student can’t succeed at an academic level if their emotional needs are not being met. Learn how to effectively talk to your students about mental health, and understand how to make them feel seen, heard, and supported.

Takeaways from Life-changing Mental Health Conversations:

  • Identify barriers that prevent students from seeking help
  • Explore why a student would engage in self-harming behaviours
  • Shatter the stigma and stereotypes associated with mental illness
  • Recognize and support students who appear to be in distress
  • Learn the 6 commitments to creating wellness in the classroom

This presentation is for educators who are looking to strengthen the conversion of mental health in the classrooms, school, and community.

If you want to learn how you can leave a lasting impression on someone, and perhaps even change their life, Allan’s story will do that and more!

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Allan’s book associated with this speaking topic:

MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk

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Born Resilient

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Stepping Out From The Shadows

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Mental Health: Finding Your Voice

Allan Kehler is one of Canada’s most sought-after speakers when it comes to the topic of mental health. His captivating storytelling and practical approach touches on many critical topics today – including mental health, psychological safety, suicide, substance use, resilience, and wellness.

Watch this video and learn how one man can change someone’s entire life in just 10 minutes!

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“Every single day try to validate the work of someone around you. A person who feels validated will always do more than is expected of them.”

– Allan Kehler