Talking Circle | Allan Kehler

Talking Circle

Create a safe space

The talking circle is a unique way to bring people together to encourage communication and create a cohesive team. The circle is a safe, non-judgmental space that allows each individual to be seen while also having the opportunity to be heard.

The circle can consist of anywhere between 5 to 20 people. This powerful activity provides a team with the opportunity to debrief and process emotions following any of Allan’s presentations.

The circle also has the ability to strengthen connections and unite a workplace or community. Through sharing, participants quickly realize that other members of the circle experience similar thoughts, challenges, and fears.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide each participant with the opportunity to be seen, heard, and supported
  2. Strengthen relationships within a team environment
  3. Create the opportunity for active listening and reflection
  4. Retain teachings and build upon them for a long-lasting impact

“I fear speaking in front of people more than anything else, but today I saw the importance of talking about my issues. Thank you Allan for showing me that. I was moved by what was shared in the circle and will never forget this experience.”

Marc Robert, Saskatchewan Turfgrass Association

“Every single day try to validate the work of someone around you. A person who feels validated will always do more than is expected of them.”

– Allan Kehler