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Wellness Coaching

Vulnerability breeds vulnerability

Nobody needs to be fixed. What we all need is to be seen, heard, and supported.

Allan provides a safe and welcoming environment for people to debrief on the keynote and explore any emotions that surfaced. He supports individual’s personal and professional development, and explores the person’s needs to identify solutions.

As a wellness coach, Allan brings vast knowledge from his years working as a Clinical Case Manager, Addictions Counselor, and College Instructor. His expertise in the wellness field enables him to create an understanding for individuals about their own mental health challenges and inspires them to achieve personal success.

He’s known for bringing 100% authenticity to his sessions and creating them in such a way that they target the heart of the matter and deliver magical results. His vulnerable approach encourages others to be vulnerable, too.

For this reason, people are often more comfortable connecting with Allan versus other formal mental health professionals.

Allan’s coaching services are available to corporations, communities, and schools.

If you’re ready to connect in an authentic way, contact Allan for coaching packages.

“Every single day try to validate the work of someone around you. A person who feels validated will always do more than is expected of them.”

– Allan Kehler