When I pull into my driveway after work,
my eyes rest on the ribbons hanging from my rear-view mirror.

This is my personal car wash.

This is my reminder to clear any negative energy that I may have picked up throughout the day.

This is my reminder to give my family the same kindness and respect that I deliver to those around me in my place of work.

Early in my career I would walk through the doors of my home and it felt like a switch went off. I seemed to be under the impression that I no longer had to wear the smile, or be as patient and sincere.

I found that my patience was short, and I was irritable towards the people I valued the most.

Do you ever do that?

That was not fair.

My family deserves better. They deserve the best version of me.

First, I had to be aware of my actions.

Secondly, I had to do something about it.

These yellow ribbons allow me to be mindful of the energy that I bring through those doors.

This small visual serves as my reminder that when I open that door to my home, I am going to be the best husband and father that I know I can be.

“What’s stronger than a broken man who has the courage to rebuild himself? It’s time to redefine what it means to be strong.”

- Allan Kehler