Born Resilient


“Allan has captured the stories of people who have faced incredible struggles and hardships. These individuals have come through more empowered and wiser having lived their experience. This book is both inspiring and encouraging. It is comforting to know we are not alone, and that sharing our stories can provide both healing for ourselves and others. ”

– Nicole Ferguson Marshall, M.Ed., B.Ed.
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One of the biggest steps towards healing is the act of telling your story…
Why is it that some individuals give up in the face of a challenge while others are able to rise above? While it is easier to give up, it is through your challenges that you are able to grow. These courageous, real-life stories are true examples of loss, pain and devastation.
You will be taken through stories of addiction, abuse, domestic violence, and grief. As you feel the pain of each struggle, you will also gain valuable insight as to how each person was able to persevere. In learning from these triumphs, it will become evident that we are not created to give up in the face of adversity … we are born resilient.

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